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Northwestern University

The land of large carp and lakefills

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Recent '11 admits should probably join northwestern_11.
Other classes have communities, too: northwestern_08, northwestern_09, northwestern_10.
Transfers are at nu_transfers.

Students, alumni, and affiliates of Northwestern University in Evanston/Chicago, Illinois. This community is generally populated by undergraduates, but anyone remotely affiliated with Northwestern can join! We're presently moderated by nickdiscredit.

Only posts relevant to Northwestern University are allowed. Relevance is determined at the moderator's discretion, but here are some basic guidelines. They are subject to change as time goes on, so keep that in mind:
- Talk about classes: good, bad, academic life in general
- Prospective students asking NU-related questions (see below)
- Posts about news and events in Northwestern, from the big virus outage to Primal Scream
- Party postings that are clearly and near-exclusively geared towards NU students (Co-op, within NU commuter boundaries, Dillo Day, FWP substitutes)
- Evanston stuff: town-gown relations, parking, apartment life/suggestions, surviving off-campus, basic city services (recycling, utilities, et cetera)

- Spam spam spam. Spam! At Northwestern, our penises are big enough, thankyouverymuch.
- Any social functions or events not necessarily related to Northwestern (there exist tons of other communities for these; post there, nobody wants their friends lists cluttered)
- Prospective students listing off all their high school statistics and asking if they'll have a chance at getting in. Unless your dad ponied up six figures-plus to get a building or whatever named after him, admissions at selective universities like Northwestern are competitive to the point of sheer randomness. Students have been admitted with unweighted high school GPAs of 2.6 (yes, this has been confirmed) and ED people with perfect SAT scores and an all-star record have been flat-out denied. Two posts exist with some helpful comments, but beyond that we are simply not the admissions board and probably have less of a clue about their ethereal whims than you do. You may be in love with Northwestern - many of us are - but if you want to go to a "good school" you should apply to as many as humanly possible so you don't feel disappointed in the end.
- Prospective students asking about concrete admissions policies that the admissions office would do better to answer. Do you want to know the median SAT from last year? Or when decisions for ED students are going to come out online, so you can stop frantically reloading? We don't know about any of these, and as (mostly) students and alums we largely don't care anymore. If you want to ask questions as a prospie, we'd much rather talk about the scenes or quality of life at Northwestern (varying from specific dorms, to departments, to entire schools, to south/north campuses) than how many perfect SAT scores were admitted to Medill last year on a Tuesday between 6:00 and 6:32 PM. If you have questions about these things, you should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission (or your own admissions program) via email or telephone.
- Flames are not tolerated in any community. If you're going to yell at someone, do it in private. This is a place for constructive discussion.
- Anything that involves giant font, colored text, or otherwise obnoxious violations of netiquette. People can still read what you're writing; if you want to make a point, use bold but sparingly.
- If you are going to use images over 300px wide, though I have no idea when this might actually happen, please put them behind a cut.
- If you have to question whether your heavily x-posted comment is going to not be mercilessly deleted, it may be best to contact the moderator first.

Plugging student groups is kosher for the time being, but only because it's been on the relative DL. If things get out of hand and this community just turns into a giant advertising billboard/listserv, it will be regulated.

Any suggestions or comments? Please let Nick know! His email address is on his LJ info.